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     Death is close. You are weak. You are alone. You will die. You will betray your friends. They have abandoned you. They are coming for you. They will betray you. They have turned against you. Y’knath k’th’rygg k’yi mrr’ungha gr’mula.  Tell yourself again that they were not truly your friends. Now, ĶI̸̵L͢͟͜L͢͟͜ ŢH͏E̷͝M A̷̡͢L̡̛L̷͝ ɃE͟FO͏̶̳͎͇̬͕R̠E͟ ŢH͏E̷͝Ɏ ĶI̸̵L͢͟͜L͢͟͜  ȲO҉̀Ǜ

Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes. [x]

Shout out to that one player on your friends list who will readily do ANYTHING with you. They’ll head in to try two-manning things that you probably can’t two-man, grind those tedious Timeless Isle dailies, help you through the stressful LFRs, keep you company during the years-long mount grinds. That’s who’s there when you finally get that piece of gear, that mount, that pet, and it’s a great thing.

♥ To tall of those players. We all have one. (Mine is an Australian tauren holy priest.)

With some minor troubles (learning how to do it mostly), I was able to solo 10 ToT. Not hard, not easy, will probably have my Aussie heal me next time.

The mount didn’t drop, if you were wondering. In fact, all he dropped were 2 necklaces. Pretty garbage loot, not even a token. Not that I need it now but still. Pretty lame.

It dropped. I was only in there to show my Aussie what Dragon Soul was like, because he’d never done it. And we just. It dropped. And the four of us rolled. And I’m shaking, thinking “They finally made it a mount only to make it a rare drop, and it ACTUALLY fucking dropped, and I’m going to have a double heartbreak when I lose it.”

My Aussie won. Then traded it to me with love in his voice, “I’m giving it to you, Cozz.” Ugh. Look at him, so glorious. I’m calling him Clarence. 

After scrambling between toons trying to get all the money on Cozz so I could buy the damn thing (WHY isn’t WoW gold pooled like D3 gold?!), look what I FINALLY got my hands on!! I’ve wanted to stupid bastard mount since I first saw it. Wow. Yes. Yay. Look at her. I don’t even care how fem it makes Cozzene look.

And she only cost 80,000g. That’s the perk of a high pop realm - market saturation = low prices. I think this was the same one that had been in the AH for 140k, then 130k, when I usually see it for ~100k. 80k was a God damned steal but if that guy couldn’t figure out how to the judge the market, that’s hardly my fault.

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